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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Relation of biology with other sciences

All the disciplines of science are related to each other. Biology is such a subject which can't be studied in isolation. So, the term biology is broadly named as 'life science' so as to cover its wide scope which involves the knowledge from other sciences such as physics, chemistry, geography etc. as a result other new branches of biology have been introduced
Biophysics,Biochemistry,Biogeography. These involves the knowledge of application of physics, chemistry, and geography respectively. in order to describe all the phenomenon of biology.
Some of the examples of interrelation of biology with other branches of science are:
1. With physics
a. Study on the structure functioning of human eye requires knowledge of optics.
b. Sunlight is necessary for photosynthesis.
c. Result of photosynthesis and respiration is the production of oxygen and carbondioxide .
d. Heat energy is required for maintenance of life.
e. Conduction of water in plants from root to the leaf is provided by the properties of adhesion and cohesion of water molecules and capillary system.
f. Study of photoperiods on flowering of plants involves stimulus of light.
g. Chemical energy is transferred to heat energy as a result of consumption of ATP.
h. Many biological instruments such as microscope, chromatography, x-ray diffraction, fractionation, autoradiography etc. follow the physical applications.
2. With chemistry
a. All living organisms are composed of organic and inorganic compounds.
b. Molecules are broken down or synthesized in metabolic processes.
c. Molecules move in and out of the cells by diffusion and osmosis.
d. Transportation of oxygen needs haemoglobin to form oxyhaemoglobin.
e. For proper functioning acid base equilibrium in a cell maintains the PH of the protoplasm.
3. With geography
a. Study of distribution of communities always involves the knowledge of geography.
b. Distribution , adaptation, and evolution are related with the climate of area.
4. With mathematics and statistics
a. Census of wild animals is based on application of mathematics and statistical applications.
5. With sociology
a. study of human behaviour, social relationship and antisocial relationship for example criminals terrorists etc. requires the study on human nervous system and study of glands, hormones etc. It also requires the knowledge of principles of inheritance, pedigree analysis etc.

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